Special mandates in investment management


Close international cooperation with partner firms and banks enables us to adapt special mandates very flexibly to the needs and wishes of our customers.


Individual asset management

Mandates for individual asset management are based on extensive consulting with the customer and a detailed analysis of his goals. Using this as the terms of reference, an optimised investment strategy is developed and special investment guidelines are compiled, which form the basis for the portfolio management. The investment strategy is reviewed from time to time together with the customer and, if necessary, is adapted to meet changed customer requirements.

We recommend an investment volume of USD 1 million upwards to exploit the benefits of individual asset management to the full.


Design and development of special investment strategies

We design and develop special investment strategies for institutional customers to order. These mandates are harmonised perfectly to the relevant purpose of use. In this case, too, portfolio management is exercised in close collaboration with reputable banks. Constant monitoring allows us to adapt the investment strategy at any time to changed customer requirements or market circumstances