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K&N Value Select Corp. is active in the fields of asset management and pension provision. We are looking for suitable international partners to develop a further market. Subject to suitability, the following positions are vacant for freelance employment activities.

Sales Manager / Company Representative

This position is directly under the board of management in the company hierarchy. Your principal duties will involve developing and maintaining contacts with sales partners and servicing specific key private customers. You should have a professional manner and an in-depth knowledge of the fields of asset management, investment and pension provision. It would be an advantage to have a bank training qualification or economic education and also experience in sales. Ideally, you already have well-established contacts with suitable sales partners and have fun with extending your contact network. Your activities would involve the following tasks:

   Attracting new sales partners, i.e. establishing contacts with
      banks, insurance companies, pension funds, independent 
      asset managers, financial brokers etc.
   Servicing these sales partners (maintaining contacts)
   Developing and implementing independent sales concepts
   Advising and servicing key high-networth private investors

Your remuneration consists of a fixed part and a success-related component.

Intermediary / Investors Adviser

This function would be particularly suitable as a secondary source of income for independent financial intermediaries (insurance agents, asset managers, fund shop managers etc.), real estate agents, tax advisors or business consultants. You should have a basic knowledge of the areas of investment and pension schemes. Your activities would be as follows:

   You already possess a fixed customer base
   You would advise your customers (private investors) on our 
      products and would also continue to service your customers

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