At a glance

K&N Value Select Corp. is an investment holding company, which invests in undervalued shares throughout the world, primarily in Western Europe and North America. In order to achieve more stable returns and greater asset security, bonds and real estate participations can also be held. The investment objective is directed at a consistent growth of assets by using the whole market potential. K&N Value Select Corp. invests only its equity capital and does not use any indebtedness. Preservation of capital has priority over profit maximisation.

Close international contacts to partner firms furthermore enable us to offer a range of extra services in the following fields.

     Individual asset management
     Design and development of special investment strategies
     Investor relations consulting for companies

In January 2006 K&N Value Select Corp. was evaluated by the rating agency Standard & Poor’s and given 5 stars. In October 2012 K&N Value Select Corp. was given 5 stars by the rating agency Morningstar.