Investment strategy

K&N Value Select Corp. invests in undervalued shares throughout the world, primarily in Western Europe and North America. Risk is spread broadly by dividing among different countries, sectors and companies. In addition, bonds and real estate participations can also be held which provide greater asset security and more stable returns. Investment decisions are made by experienced portfolio managers to strict selection criteria in the sense of value investing and are based on an intensive, fundamental analysis oriented to the long-term. All investment decisions are taken free of bank and group interests. K&N Value Select Corp. is suitable for investors oriented to the medium and long-term with an investment horizon of at least 4 to 5 years.

An overview of the value investing strategy is available as a PDF-file.

The value investing style

Acquiring shares in K&N Value Select Corp. is an investment in tangible assets. Precisely as with good real estate, the shares of fundamentally stable companies can only rise in value over the long term. Even temporary crises change nothing in the long term growth of the global economy.

Such investments additionally offer investors a hedge against erosion of purchasing power and of currency stability. For these reasons, such investments are particularly well-suited for long-term capital growth and to prepare for retirement pension.